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Business Brain Rewire is the go-to resource for purpose-driven founders and social-impact startups who want to scale up income and impact without sacrificing their personal lives or wellbeing.

We believe that your business = your brain, and your success depends on how well you utilize it. That’s why each week, business coach Kari Elizabeth Enge teaches neuroscience-backed coaching tools to help you think, feel and do like a CEO so you can reach your income and impact goals while lowering stress.

Along the way, hear from experts covering entrepreneurial psychology, ethical sales and marketing, and social impact, so you’re armed with the knowledge and the tools you need to achieve long-term, sustainable success.

Business Brain Rewire - the podcast for purpose-driven founders

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Align your work with your purpose-driven values and contribute to a flourishing world by learning from the social entrepreneurs you admire most.


Bust limiting beliefs, improve your mental and emotional health and manage your mind for success with the help of the latest psychology and brain science.


Certified coach Kari Enge teaches simplified yet powerful business strategies that will grow your impact and your bottom-line at the same time.


Ditch the hustle, get into a flow and manage your time so you can create space for your creative ambitions while living the fulfilling personal life you desire.


Improve your relationship with money, build wealth, and learn how to manage your dollars so it brings more freedom and abundance into your life.

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