The 5 Must-Have CEO Skill Sets

that accelerator programs are neglecting

Free Purpose-Driven Founder Training - CEO Skill Sets

purpose-driven founders are not being taught how to be strategic CEOs.

I’ve worked with hundreds of purpose-driven founders and social impact start-ups to inject more income into their companies and establish themselves as thought leaders while simplifying everything inside the business.

What I find most often is founders spending a lot of energy trying to do what accelerators and incubators tell them to do, and trying to find “what will work.”

But they spend no time on the CEO mindsets, skillsets and daily practices that help them to actually find the winning formula.

Founders tell me that this training saved their company.

That it stopped them from spinning their wheels. And helped them to gain traction after months (and sometimes years) of struggle.

And that’s because it’s completely different than anything you’ve heard before.

I am not an academic, bro-marketer, or woo-woo mindset guru.

I'm a social entrepreneur turned business coach who understands how to apply neuroscience and simple coaching tools to the entrepreneurial process.

Because Your Business = Your Brain

The best business education out there won’t help you reach success unless you know how to:

  • make great decisions
  • focus on the needle movers
  • objectively evaluate and know what to tweak and what to keep the same
  • simplify your to-do list
  • *All while keeping your motivation high, and your personal life intact.

That’s why I reverse-engineer entrepreneurial success by teaching you how to THINK, FEEL and DO like a sustainable CEO.

You’ll be able to increase your income and impact (while creating more space for personal life and wellbeing). 

I promise, it can be a more simple process than what accelerators are telling you.

Join me LIVE for a free class and learn the CEO Skill Sets you need to succeed in a sustainable way.

Thursday, May 16th

8:00 - 9:00pm Central European Time

The class will take place using Zoom and will be recorded if you cannot attend live.


In the free class, you will learn:

What Really Causes High Stress and Low Sales for Social Impact Entrepreneurs

What Most Entrepreneurs Do That Keeps Them Struggling

The 5 Must-Have CEO SKill Sets

How to Apply the CEO Skill Sets to your particular business model

The income, impact, personal life and wellbeing that you desire are ALL attainable.

Show up to the free class and learn how to reach your goals in a more doable way, while becoming the strategic CEO you wish to be.



for The 5 Must-Have CEO Skills Sets free class

When: Thursday, May 16th at 8:00pm Central European Time

Zoom link will be shared via email after registration. The recording will be sent out after the class, but you must sign-up to receive it.

Coaching for Purpose-Driven Founders and Social Entrepreneurs
I know what it feels like to deal with the pressure of leading a company and staying on track with your income goals on top of the day-to-day. Let's amplify your impact through sustainable, repeatable, and predictable revenue in a more simple and doable way.

See you at the class!

- Kari Elizabeth Enge
Founder and CEO, The Do Business Better School
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